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Design and Engineering

Fire protection systems engineered by Residential Fire Protection are state of the art systems designed using the latest technology in computer based design and engineering software.

Our experienced engineering team utilise AutoCAD drafting software with the program Hyena to carry out the hydraulic analysis of the fire systems, which allows us to solve complex problems quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

          Design and Engineering     Design and Engineering

We are licensed with the Plumbing Industry Commission for residential and domestic fire sprinkler systems, fire hydrants and fire hose reels and are registered with the Building Commissions Building Practitioners Board as Registered Building Practitioners and Commercial Builders.

                        Design and Engineering     Design and Engineering

We quite often encounter older existing buildings that do not have any existing architectural drawings available to use in the preparation of our shop drawings; we then carry out detailed site surveys measuring the building structure and transfer this information onto the CAD system to use in the preparation of our shop drawings. These CAD files are then available to the Client in hard copy or electronic format as a valuable record of their buildings.

Site Installation

Residential Fire Protection employs crews of plumbers who are all highly skilled in the installation of our fire protection systems.

We take great pride in our site work and can work through existing fully occupied Nursing Homes, Hotels or Backpackers Accommodation Houses with minimal disruption to the residents. Our Clients are often very concerned of the potential disruption the installation of a fire protection system may have on their operations and residents. They are usually relieved within the first few days to find that their worry was for nothing and that the systems can be installed with minimal disruption and in the case of Nursing Homes to the enjoyment and quite often assistance of the residents.

Each project is assessed individually to ascertain the best piping material to use to make the installation as easy and simple as possible. With our fire sprinkler installations our plumbers can work with steel, copper or CPVC pipe work specifically designed for sprinkler installations. We may use only one piping material on a project or we may use a combination of all three materials it all depends on the building structure. This gives us extreme flexibility in meeting the challenges of installation within an existing building.

    Fire Systems     Fire Protection

Our projects are not only confined to existing buildings, we also carryout a lot of jobs in new construction, where we work direct for a builder or as a nominated sub-contractor by the Client to the builder.

We ensure our crews have all the equipment and tools required to allow them to perform as efficiently as possible on a daily basis.

    Fire Systems     Fire Protection

From Start through to Completion

For existing buildings when we work directly for Clients, we can offer a complete design and construct package where we assess their requirements to meet their statutory obligations and offer a complete service where we carry out the design, produce the drawings, obtain the Building Permit, install the fire protection systems, have them Independently Certified and obtain a Certificate of Final Inspection from the Building Surveyor.

This process relieves the Client of the burden of trying to decipher the complex requirement of meeting the Building Regulations, the Building Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards and allows them to get on with the running of their business.

These design and construct packages are also offered to Developers and Builders who are trying to minimise costs and bring projects in under a budget as quite often projects are over documented.

On completion and commissioning of our systems we offer a full staff training session to guide building owners, their tenants and staff on all aspects of the newly installed fire systems. We physically demonstrate what happens on a fire alarm and how they should respond. This is then used by the Clients to develop their own procedures on how their staff react in an emergency situation.